Building the future of climate action

At Newtral, we are actively building tools that help organisations become carbon
newtral and support data-driven climate action.

Our Ecosystem Partners

Meet our core team

We are a group of inter-disciplinary people who share the passion for data-driven climate action.

What matters to us

From daily activities to yearly roadmaps, we focus on

Accelerating Climate Impact

Rapidly deploying innovative AI-driven solutions for a sustainable future

Unrelenting Customer Dedication

Building customer relationships and delivering world-class service

Pursuing Excellence

Deepening our understanding to pioneer the climate technology breakthroughs


Let’s build it together

Newtral is a team of ambitious and talented people on a quest to build technology that can facilitate climate action.

We know that it is a huge task. But, we are not alone. We strive for collaborating with organisations and individuals to build the next big thing.

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