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Newtral is the most advanced and comprehensive sustainability software solution for your SEBI disclosure requirements.

BRSR Reporting

Newtral AI Platform delivers automated reports compliant with

GHG Protocol

Trusted reporting with seamless digitisation

Comprehensive tools to support all your ESG Reporting needs


Time Cost Saving


Automated Integrations


In-built Emission Factors


BRSR Reporting Intelligence

Gain a competitive edge with BRSR reporting intelligence. Unlock actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Automated Measurements

Automated Data Collection

Revolutionize BRSR reporting with Automated Data Collection – Effortless, Error-free Compliance at Your Fingertips

Audit-grade Reporting

Trustworthy data: Elevate your reports with audit-grade precision. Enhance credibility and compliance effortlessly.

Global Reporting Standards

Stay in sync with ever-evolving global reporting standards. Ensure your reports meet the latest regulatory requirements.


Unlock more value from your tools

Connect your tools for faster and accurate accounting. With over 10+
integrations available directly, data collection and reporting is just a click away.

QuickBooks integration
QuickBooks integration

Import Data faster by integrating directly with Quickbooks.

Excel integration
Excel integration

Upload your excel sheets directly in the tool to measure related emissions.

EnergyStar integration
EnergyStar integration

Accurate energy usage tracking by integrating directly with EnergyStar.

Zoho integration
Zoho integration

Import your company’s activities by integrating with Zoho.

AWS integration
AWS integration

Import cloud usage analytics by integrating with AWS.

SAP integration
SAP integration

Import Data faster by integrating directly with SAP.

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BRSR (Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting) is a form of sustainability reporting that focuses on an organization's impact on the environment and society. As per SEBI guidelines, it is mandatory for top 1000 companies in India by Market Capitalisation to submit their BRSR Report.

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